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In addition to spays and neuters, our doctors at BEVC are well trained in preforming complex procedures such as cystotomy, feline declaws, and mass removals. 

While undergoing these anesthetic procedures, your family pet will receive the highest level of care.  We provide constant monitoring of parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, and ECG to help facilitate a positive outcome for our patients.  

Prior to any surgery, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive physical examination to ensure that your pet appears to be healthy for surgery.   A technician will obtain your pet's vital signs, blood work samples (if needed), blood pressure and IV catheter placement.  

We highly recommend that all pets undergo a pre-anesthetic blood test prior to their surgery. This simple test provides the doctor with helpful information about your pet's liver, kidneys and other internal organ function. It reveals their ability to metabolize anesthesia.